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Fourth World War, The (Film/Video, Big Noise Films, June 2003)
THE FOURTH WORLD WAR is a powerful new film from the makers of 'This Is What Democracy Looks Like', 'Zapatista', and 'Black & Gold'. It weaves together the stories of movements against empire from Palestine, Iraq, Chiapas, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea to Quebec City and Genoa. (from 10.00)
This is What Democracy Looks Like (Film/Video, Big Noise Films, October 1999)
A co-production of the Seattle Independent Media Center and Big Noise Films, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE is a 70 minute documentary capturing the events of the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle. (from 10.00)
Zapatista! (Film/Video, Big Noise Films, April 1998)
ZAPATISTA! is an inspiring first-hand account of a struggle that will challenge the way you think about the world. Armed with sticks and words against a ?First World? military, eight thousand Zapatistas have fought 75,000 Federal troops to a stand-still. Ignored by a mainstream press that cannot and will not cover them, the Zapatistas have used poems and children?s stories smuggled on horseback and distributed on the internet. (from 7.00)