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Operation Solstice: The Battle of the Beanfield (Film/Video, Neil Goodwin, September 1996)
420 people were arrested on 1 June 1985 on their way to Stonehenge to hold the 11th People's Free Festival. Using video footage, the police radio log, photographs and personal testimony to recreate what became known as the BATTLE OF THE BEANFIELD, this documentary presents horrifying evidence of the illegal paramilitary tactics employed by police as they smashed up travellers' homes. (from 10.00)
Life In The Fast Lane - No M11 campaign (Film/Video, Neil Goodwin, April 1995)
The No M11 Story This feature length documentary presents the inside story of the No M11 Campaign, recounting 15 months of direct action against one of the most controversial schemes in the history of British road-building. "Excellent..." JOHN PILGER "Brilliant. It both inspired me and gave me a much needed boost in energy and commitment." STEVE PLATT, New Statesman (from 10.00)
Seeds of Hope (Ploughshares action) (Film/Video, Neil Goodwin, April 1998)
SEEDS OF HOPE presents the inside story of how four women disarmed an Indonesia-bound Hawk fighter to prevent its use against the people of East Timor, and how, to gasps of astonishment, a Liverpool jury accepted their defence that they had acted to prevent the crime of genocide. Using personal testimony, reconstruction and extracts of video evidence left in the cockpit of Hawk ZH 955, this documentary places events into a wider context of the Ploughshares Movement. (from 8.00)