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Despite The City: Eastenders vs. the Developers (Film/Video, Spectacle, March 1984)
A critical look at the City of London's 1980's property tycoons. There's a thousand stories on the big City Developers, and video sleuths Despite TV have unearthed a few of the nastier ones in this East Side Story of power, corruption and yes, lies. As high finance and insider dealings encroach upon the East Enders' manor. Well researched and intelligently constructed, this is community video taking on the big boys. (from 8.00)
Battle of Trafalgar - The UK Poll Tax Riot (Film/Video, Spectacle, February 1991)
A chronological account of the anti-poll tax demonstration on 31st March 1990, one that contrasts disturbingly with the version presented by television news. Eyewitnesses tell their stories against a backdrop of the day's events as they unfold. Demonstrators' testimonies raise some questions about public order policing, the independence and accountability of the media and the right to demonstrate. Evidence clearly shows elements within the police provoking the riot. (from 10.00)
Truth Lies In Rostock, The (Fascism in Germany) (Film/Video, Spectacle, September 1994)
August 1992 Lichtenhagen estate, Rostock, former East Germany. Police withdraw as fascists petrol bomb a refugee centre and the home of Vietnamese guest workers while 3000 spectators stood by and clapped. Using material filmed from inside the attacked houses and interviews with anti-fascists, the Vietnamese guest workers, police, bureaucrats, neo-nazis and residents, a story of political collusion and fear unfolds. (from 10.00)
Exodus Extended Mix - Exodus Collective, Luton (Film/Video, Spectacle, September 1995)
The Luton based Exodus Collective came into existence in 1992 as part of the growing DIY ance and housing culture which arose in response to unemployment, poverty and frustration amongst urban youngsters. They organised free 'rave' parties, renovated derelict homes, set up a community farm and opened a vibrant community centre, The Ark, on Luton's Marsh Farm estate. (from 10.00)
Despite The Sun: Wapping and the Print Unions (Film/Video, Spectacle, September 1987)
In January 1986 Rupert Murdoch moved News International, publishers of the Sun and the Sunday Times, from Fleet Street to Wapping in East London. Over 5,000 print workers, clerical staff, cleaners and secretaries were sacked in one day. Despite the Sun is a montage and eyewitness account of the year long dispute which shook the newspaper industry. Picture and sound quality is not broadcast standard but the unique insight and eyewitness accounts make up for this. (from 8.00)