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Mark Thomas Comedy Show 2005 (Film/Video, Undercurrents, July 2005)
Banished from our TV screens since 2002 one of Britains most daring comedian is back! In crystal clear sound and vision, the TV comedian reveals the inside story on how he upset the U.S secret service by putting a bounty on the life of President Bush. Mark also obtains police surveillance images of himself. Find out why the funny man was forced to sing for his life underneath a busload of East London arms dealers. Dodge wildy as he takes a potshots at foxhunters, advertisers, and a host of multi-national corporations. (from 14.00)
Undercurrents News Network 1 (Film/Video, Undercurrents, April 2004)
For 10 years, the award winning media organisation Undercurrents has embedded video journalists among some of the most radical protest groups. Britain's latest - and most innovative - news provider, the Undercurrents News Network (UNN) reveals their dramatic stories. When the Smoke Clearz;The Meatrix; Whose News; Consumption; Occupation; Read My Lips; Hercubush; Woomera Breakout; 100mins. (from 8.00)
Informed Dissent (Noam Chomsky Chomsky/Peace News) (Film/Video, Undercurrents, April 2003)
Peace News, in cooperation with Undercurrents, have recently produced a new anti-war video on CD-ROM. Described by Time Out as "essential viewing and listening", the disc features over 75 minutes of footage. Includes full version of Undercurrents award winning film: Globalisation and the Media. (from 10.00)
J18, First Global Protest Against Capitalism (Film/Video, Undercurrents, July 2000)
Although many people see Seattle (2000) as the first big anti-capitalist protest it was arguably the J18 ?carnival against capitalism? the previous year which kick started the anti-capitalist movements. On June 18th 1999 there were protests all around the world. In Britain tens of thousands of demonstrators, some wearing pinstripe suits, turned out to shut down the City of London. (from 8.00)
Undercurrents 8 (Pig Brother) (Film/Video, Undercurrents, December 1997)
Undercurrent's 8th Alt News Video. Gandalf Trial, Kurdish Woman MP Leyla Zana Jailed, Timber Coldcut Video, New Labour New Arms, Pig Brother, Are we really seeing valuable stories on local news?, Residents stop developers building a superstore on local beauty spot and more UK and international stories. (from 10.00)
Undercurrents 10 3/4 (Globalisation and The Media) (Film/Video, Undercurrents, January 2002)
Not Undercurrents 11, but almost. Globalisation and The Media, which explores the role of the media in this corporate led take over of the Planets natural resources. Revolting in Prague, WTO/IMF conference shut down by activists. Mark Thomas and the Met, watch TV comedian give London police the run around. Stop The Crop, anti-gmo commentary. (from 10.00)