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9/11: In Plane Site
(Film/Video, i-Contact, December 2004)
Here, live TV clips from New York TV Channels on September 11th 2001 and CNN official footage are reviewed, slowed down, examined frame by frame. The official story of that day was told on live TV by New York's reporters, policemen, firefighters, and other on-the-scene eyewitnesses, however, crucial footage was shown only once, ground zero was bulldozed and this TV evidence was never repeated. The stories changed, information such as the collapse of WTC 7 disappeared, and propaganda took the place of reality. (from 10.00)

Why were America and the world never shown the video and photographs of the Pentagon, BEFORE the outer wall had collapsed showing only one 16 ft. hole. Many people do not realize that the outer wall did not collapse until a full 20 minutes after the initial impact. See these astonishing photographs and video footage for the first time.
Given that the outer wall of the Pentagon had not yet collapsed and the only hole is approximately 16 ft. in diameter - how does a plane over 44 feet tall and 125 ft. wide fit into that hole as shown in the crystal-clear and close-up photographic evidence from the Pentagon? Furthermore, can physics explain why there is no damage to the Pentagon's upper floors where the tail section would have hit?
"I heard a very loud, quick whooshing sound. I was convinced it was a missile. It came in so fast ? it sounded nothing like an airplane." - Lon Rains - editor for Space News (Pentagon eyewitness)
In the aftermath, it was reported by media sources that a giant 100 ft. crater was plowed into the front lawn of the Pentagon as the result of a powerful airliner crash? Why does photographic evidence overwhelmingly show that this was absolutely not the case? Why no crater? Why no skid marks? Why no burn marks? Was the entire world deliberately mislead? Examine the video and photographic evidence for yourself.
How does a Boeing 757, constructed from aluminum, penetrate over 9 ft. of steel reinforced concrete? Photographs and recently discovered computer animations help shed light on this unexplained feat of physics.
Contrary to the pictures shown to the public, after the fact, why does photographic evidence taken only a few moments after the Pentagon event show no wreckage? Where is the plane? Where is the tail, the wings, the luggage, the seats, the landing gear; the engines? What happened to the passengers? Examine the photos that you were never meant to see.
At the World Trade Center, why did firefighters, reporters and other on the scene eyewitnesses describe a demolition-like collapse of buildings One, Two & Seven? Here is the outrageous admissions made by the building lease owner on video, plus shocking new evidence which helps to answer some of these important questions.
What is the bright flash on the right side of the Boeing 767, seen just before impact on both the North Tower & the South Tower, captured on video by five separate cameramen including CNN and ABC? Slow motion analysis reveals startling verification of this extraordinary event and begs the question, "What is it?" The crash aircraft certainly don't appear to be the commercial airliners we have been told they were.
Why were there numerous reports of bombs & explosions going off in and around the WTC before any buildings had collapsed? Hear & see the testimony of the reporters, rescue teams and eyewitnesses who tell a different story of potential demolition charges, unexplained explosions, and vehicles loaded with explosives as reported on live television the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.
Why did a FOX News employee, who witnessed the second tower attack, report seeing no windows on Flight 175, a commercial United Airlines jetliner? Why did another eyewitness report that United Airlines Flight 175 was not a commercial airliner? What kind of plane hit the second tower?
Is there some type of exterior swelling protruding from under Flight 175? An independently conducted computerized digital analysis says yes. How could it have departed from a commercial airport without being noticed? What purpose did it serve in the attacks? Full-screen television blow-ups directly from CNN and other mainstream sources reveal the intricate details of these anomalies using video evidence from 9/11 itself.

Running time 1 Hour 15 Minutes