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All Hands That Are Ready
(Music, Seize The Day, April 2002)
The first CD available on this site is from a topical up-beat folk band. "Always topical & ahead of the herd, Seize the Day?s music keeps you in touch with what?s going to be the next big issue" Sustainable Life Magazine (from 15.00)

"Beautiful, Bold, Frontline Folk" The Guardian

"Lyrics and music so penetrating, haunting, witty & clever, that after one listening they simply take up residence in your brain and make you feel as if they've always been there. Exciting, inspiring & empowering. We recommend that you buy the CD and go & see this band at any opportunity. Permaculture Magazine

1) Ned Ludd (Simon)
2) Farmers Song (Smy)
3) Price of Petrol (Simon)
4) Temples of Rain (Smy)
5) Lotty's Rampage (Hamilton)
6) Ballad of Old Labour (Simon)
6) Lucky (Simon)
8) Food 'n' Health 'n' Hope (Simon/Smy)
9) WTO (Whistance)
10) Lost Treasure (Seligman)
11) Times Like These (Smy)
12) Moonbeams (Hyndman)
13) Seize the Day (Smy)

Seize the Day have their own website at