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Devonport Nuclear Safety Lecture
(Film/Video, i-Contact, October 2002)
John Large is a nuclear consultant. For many years he worked at the heart of Britain's nuclear industry, now he is hired by governments around the world to give an expert independent view on all issues radioactive. This talk was recorded July '02 in the run-up to the review of safety measures round the Royal Navy's Plymouth dockyard. Devonport is a major nuclear base in the middle of a city. Large explains, in the public interest, the real dangers of Devonport which have been hushed up by DML (Haliburton) and the Royal Navy. (from 3.00)

John Large goes into several accident scenarios: BR1; BR2; BR3, put forward by the UK Ministry of Defence and examines how realistic they are. He comes to the conclusion that these scenarios tell only half the story of real accident situations and seem to be designed to fit the confines of the Devonport dockyard boundary. Could it be that the owners and managers of Devonport, DML, don't want to have to pay for proper safety measures for the people of Plymouth?
The idea of having nuclear submarines based in a city with 200,000 people is questioned. One of the reasons these submarines are still based in Plymouth is because the Scottish parliament will not accept any expansion of facilities in Scotland, even though these bases, Faslane, Coalport, Rossyth are all further away from centres of population.
Large then explains another accident scenario which has not been revealed to civillian emergency planners: BR6. In BR6 the Ministry of Defense envisage a major accident with meltdown of the nuclear reactor core within minutes. This would allow a massive release of radiaton.
This talk was only necessary because Devonport Management Ltd, who own and run the nuclear dockyard, have been using the excuse of 'military secrecy' to hide the real dangers of their operations from elected officials, civillian safety agencies and the public at large. They hoped, for financial reasons that no-one would penetrate the wall of secrecy when preparing the new DEVPUBSAFE emergency plan for the city. Someone even managed to persuade Plymouth City Council's Chief Executive Alison Stone to write to all Councillors in the City asking they stay away from this 'unofficial' lecture, even though she is supposed to be overseeing safety for the public.
All this... and the authorities have refused to take into account the threat of terrorist attack since the September 11th WTC attacks. Despite the fact that Devonport is likely to be one of the main terrorist targets in the world.
This talk was organised by Plymouth UNISON and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and ends with a question and answer session with campaigners and members of the public cross-examining Mr. Large. It took place on Tuesday 2nd July 2002 and is an i-Contact video production.

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Running time 2 Hours 5 Minutes