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Drowned Out - Narmada Dam Story, India
(Film/Video, Spanner Films, August 2002)
An Indian family decide to stay at home and drown rather than move out of the way for the Narmada dam. 'Drowned Out' - the new 75 minute epic from Franny Armstrong, director of the infamous 'McLibel - Two Worlds Collide'. (from 10.00)

DROWNED OUT - We Can't Wish Them Away
Three choices. Move to the slums in the city, accept a place at a resettlement site or stay at home and drown. The people of Jalsindhi in central India must make a decision fast. In the next few weeks, their village will disappear underwater as the giant Narmada Dam fills.
Bestselling author Arundhati Roy joins the fight against the dam and asks the difficult questions. Will the water go to poor farmers or to rich industrialists? What happened to the 16 million people displaced by fifty years of dam building? Why should I care?
Three years in the making Drowned Out follows the Jalsindhi villagers through hunger strikes, rallies, police brutality and a six year Supreme Court case. It stays with them as the dam fills and the river starts to rise...
"We will drown but we will not move." Luhariya Sonkariya, Jalsindhi village
"If you have to sacrifice a little bit of your own to help the society, do it gladly, willingly, smilingly." Gujarat's Minister for Narmada irrigation
"This is the heart of politics, this is the story of modern India." Arundhati Roy
"at once angry, compassionate, disturbing and yet empowering, it makes for urgent and necessary viewing...Armstrong's compelling and committed film calmly builds an unanswerable case against the dams" Time Out, London

Running time 1 Hour 15 Minutes