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Exodus Extended Mix - Exodus Collective, Luton
(Film/Video, Spectacle, September 1995)
The Luton based Exodus Collective came into existence in 1992 as part of the growing DIY ance and housing culture which arose in response to unemployment, poverty and frustration amongst urban youngsters. They organised free 'rave' parties, renovated derelict homes, set up a community farm and opened a vibrant community centre, The Ark, on Luton's Marsh Farm estate. (from 10.00)

Exodus was a unique urban phenomenon which intelligently challenged society's assumptions and values. They offered working, viable solutions to many of society's stated ills;poverty, crime, drugs, unemployment and the break down of community. Exodus blended a volatile mixture of rastafarianism, new-age punk and street smart politics. 'We are not drop outs but force outs.'
Some of their activities bordered on illegality but were entirely peaceful. Exodus had a huge following amongst local people in Luton. Their philosophy has a strong spiritual strand, appealing to notions of community and natural justice in its struggle for survival and renewal. However, their utopian project presents a challenge to the status quo and has met with powerful opposition.
?This remarkable film is an antidote to the dereliction and paranoia on Britain's streets. Squatting and renovating decayed buildings, Exodus pursue a mutually agreed quest to regenerate their disaffected community. Their regular raves bring ex-army, ex-estate agents, ex-shop assistants and ex-criminals together as Exodus, a dance with new direction. For anyone interested in a street relevant discussion on drugs, criminality, spirituality and community, this film is a must see.? Squall Magazine 1995