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Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
(Music, Esan Ozenki, April 2002)
Produced by published by Esan Ozenki in the Basque Country proceeds to this 2 1/2 hour double CD go to fund the campaign to free Free MumiaAbu-Jamal. Mumia Abu-Jamal is the ex Black Panther Press officer who was fitted up by the Philadelphia police and is currently on Death row awaiting execution. Music includes Primal Scream, Chumbawamba, Zion Train, Asian Dub Foundation, Smith & Mighty and many more. 2 CD - 32tracks - 150 minutes - 31 BANDS +booklet (from 15.00)

CD1 : Bad Voltage: Eleven years, Bryan Wilson: Victim, 57th Dinasty: Still I rise, Alpha?: Up against the systemm, Pitchshifter: Microwaved, Byron Wallen: winds of change (Earth Roots), Fermin Muguruza: Nazio ibiltaria naiz, Primal Scream (+ Augustus Pablo): Star, Fun-Da-Mental: Furious, Benjamin Zephaniah: Big brother, Amampondo remixed by Smith & Mighty: Salawena, Kitachi remixed by Roni Size: Spirit, Head Mix Collective: Spirals, Third Eye Foundation: Happily after (Mumia version), Panteras Negras:Comunicando

CD2 : Smith& Mighty + Rudy Lee: No Justice, Gunshot+Tribal Clash+ Huntkillbury Finn: Minus 10, Zion Train: Freedom, Rotes Haus +Darnell S. Summers: Move for Mumia, Drums over Heaven: Future end, The Rootsman: We come rough, King, Prawn: Last request, Rude: Resistance dub, Smak Daddi: Desperate man (re-invented hell), Armagideon: Politricks, Inner sense: Sure thing, U-cef: Aalash Kwawna, Asian Dub Foundation: Digital underclass, Todos Tus Muertos: Asesinos profesionales, Chumbawamba + Alabama 3: God's house

About Mumia Abu-Jama

Mumia is an African American journalist who has been in prison for 18 years facing the death penalty. Last October 1998 Mumia had his appeal turned down, so entered a new phase where execution can happen at any time. Mumia was in the same situation three years ago when the execution was cancelled due to a huge international support campaign.

Mumia is innocent. He didn't have enough money to afford an attorney. The judge - obviously sympathetic to the police - didn't take evidence and witnesses into consideration. Mumia's trial was a fraud. A setup. They want to get rid of him because he is outspoken, because he doesn't keep silent before injustice.

Because he was a spokesperson for the Black Panthers branch in Philadelphia and because he has informed people of the repression and massacre of MOVE by the police of Philadelphia. Because still to this day he speaks out not just about the injustices committed in the very prison he is held in but outside too.

Mumia was president of the Association of Black Journalists and known by many as 'the Voice of the Voiceless'. Whilst in prison he has published two books and thousands of articles for all kinds of papers. You can check out how prolific he is by visiting his web-page: www.mumia.org. In this page you can find all the articles he has written about prison life, democracy, racism, injustice, environmentalism, imperialism and current affairs such as the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Again, the authorities know the affect Mumia is having, becoming a symbol for many people in different movements: justice and humanitarian groups, environmentalists, Blacks and race conscious people, revolutionaries, Christians, anarchists, etc. It's clear the authorities don't want to create a martyr but we don't want one either. We want Mumia alive, we want him free and we want it

Running time 2 Hours 30 Minutes