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Greenham: The Making of a Monument
(Film/Video, UndercurrentsFoundation, December 2004)
The organisers of mass protests against nuclear weapons recall how they mobilised thousands of women during the 1980s at the Greenham Common airbase. This was a peculiarly British stand against the presence of US 'Cruise' missiles at the nominally UK but actually US controlled Berkshire airbase. As the story of the protest is recalled a monument is being constructed in memory of the well-known women's peace camp. (from £7.00)

Ian and Thalia Campbell's dense and textured video about the making of the Greenham Common Monument.
The monument is a life sized bronze sculpture that commemorates the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp and their 19 year effort to prevent guided nuclear missiles from being sited at the Greenham Common Air base in Berkshire.
Thalia recalls their presentation: "It was very thrilling to see the response of the Audience to our Video 'Greenham the making of a Monument.' It seemed to be appreciated by all ages and both sexes, academics and non academics alike.
Watching the video as part of the audience in Sheffield, I realised how rarely we hear unmediated women's voices. We do see women on TV and hear them on radio, but I always feel it’s not their agenda or / their script! Apart from Woman's Hour that is!! We did wonder how the women speaking about the Greenham march with the sculpture being made simultaneously would work, but it did work and quite well we thought. We had worked so hard for so long and were so close to it!"
The video worked a treat and during question time a range of other activists came out of the audience and saluted Ian and Thalia's sterling effort.