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Not In My Name II - The Human Shields
(Film/Video, Platform Films, September 2003)
This film follows George Galloway and others from Britain who undertook a 3000 mile journey on London Routemaster buses to create a 'Human Shield' against the the Iraq War. The film looks at their reception along the way and how the shields coped around Iraq after war began. 50mins (from 2.00)

In January 2003 around 25 people got in three London double-decker buses and set out for Iraq. Their aim was to stop a war. People called them 'human shields'.
The film, made by the same people who brought you 'Not In My Name',(Platform Films) follows their journey to Baghdad, the support they found along the way, and the disturbing realities they discovered in a country on the brink of invasion.
After their 3000 mile journey they enter Iraq and discover the horror of a people suffering from the effects of prolonged sanctions, killer diseases and the depleted uranium weapons used in the first Gulf War.
There are disagreements between a number of shields and the Iraqi regime over their deployment. Some go home but around 140 stay. They describe the impact of the US-led bombing and invasion. The film asks what difference did the human shields make? Did they save lives? And did they affect the conduct of the war?