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Indymedia European Newsreal One
(Film/Video, Indymedia Newsreal, December 2002)
The first of the European 'Newsreals'. Half an hour of five minute films from around Europe. This video was produced by a collaboration of video groups across Europe, including Undercurrents in the UK. (from 4.00)

Genoa, shows a view on the things that happened in Genoa G8 protests, made by Hamish (Undercurrents)
Hebron, a report on the situation in Israel/Palestine in 2002.
Markersdorf, shows an action of the activists of the Bordercamp in Jena (Germany) in the summer of 2002 at the refugee camp, made by Berlin's KanalB.
Zagreb gay pride, shows the first Gay Pride in Zagreb (Croatia), made by ?to gleda?
Celtic Safari, shows the 2002 bike tour of the participants of the Ecotopia camp on their way to the camp in Ireland.
Police demonstration, shows the protest against a demonstration by the police in Londoon (England).
Rio+10 demonstration Amsterdam, shows the demonstration taking place in Amsterdam (Netherlands) at the same time that the Earth Summit took place Johannesburg (South Africa), ten years after the summit in Rio.
Euro Newsreal One produced by Viv and Penny
Running time of 35 min.