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Informed Dissent (Noam Chomsky Chomsky/Peace News)
(Film/Video, Undercurrents, April 2003)
Peace News, in cooperation with Undercurrents, have recently produced a new anti-war video on CD-ROM. Described by Time Out as "essential viewing and listening", the disc features over 75 minutes of footage. Includes full version of Undercurrents award winning film: Globalisation and the Media. (from 10.00)

1. No More War - Naked protests, direct action and mass demonstrations - the British public uses every tactic to stop war on Iraq;

2. Paint Protest - Activists get the message out to commuters;

3. Professor Noam Chomsky on South and Latin America;

4. Weapons Inspectors - Civilian weapons inspectors gain entry into RAF Fairford to view U.S. stealth bombers;

5. Chomsky on US Presidential Campaign/The Middle East/Iraq's Response to an Invasion;

6. Globalization and the Media - The award-winning Undercurrents documentary on how the media shapes public opinion in the "War on Terror";

7. Chomsky on Education and Military/The New Economy/Oil;

8. Chomsky on the Marshall Plan/Globalization;

9. New York - U.S. youth voice their concerns about war;

10. Chomsky on the movement against war in Iraq;

11. Seize the Day - Music video about the women who disarmed a warplane about to be sold to Indonesia; and

12. Iraq Journal - The words "we" and "our forces" are used so frequently by major corporate media that one wonders whether it is George W. Bush or Rupert Murdoch who is gearing up for war.

Running time 1 Hour 15 Minutes