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McLibel - Two Worlds Collide
(Film/Video, Spanner Films, September 1997)
McLibel: Two Worlds Collide is the inside story of the single father and the part-time bar worker who took on the McDonald's Corporation. Filmed over three years, the 50 minute documentary follows Helen Steel and Dave Morris as the anonymous campaigners turn into unlikely global heroes.
(from 5.00)

Struggling to defend themselves in the longest trial in English history, they face infiltration by spies, secret meetings with top executives, 40,000 pages of background reading and a visit from Ronald McDonald.

Using interviews with witnesses and reconstructions of key moments in court (directed by Ken Loach), the film examines the main issues in the trial - nutrition, advertising, employment, animals, environment - and the implications for freedom of speech.

McLibel is not about hamburgers. It is about the remorseless power of multinational corporations.

Worth six years of your life?

"an extraordinary example of independent film-making" - Sydney Morning Herald
"dramatic, inspiring, hard-hitting and heart-warming" - New Internationalist
"a remarkable achievement" - The Guardian
"a cracker of a film" - John Vidal
"a very brave film" - Ken Loach
"powerful" - Time Out
"an often hilarious expose of big business arrogance" - Sydney Morning Herald

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