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Not in My Name I - Afghanistan & the War on Terror
(Film/Video, Platform Films, February 2002)
"Not in my name" is a powerful new documentary film which tells the story of the U.S. led war on terrorism you DIDN'T see on TV. Why is dropping bombs on or firing cruise missiles at innocent civillians not considered 'terrorism' by the Western military?
"Not in my name" explains the background to the attacks on Afghanistan, charts the growth of the anti-war movement and offers a chilling insight to the dangers of U.S. led imperialism. Which country will NATO attack next? Who are the REAL terrorists? (from 2.00)

"Not in my name" features Tony Benn (former Member of Parliament), John Pilger (internationally renowned journalist), Paul Foot (journalist), Jon Snow (Channel 4 news presenter), Salma Yacoob (trauma psychotherapist, chair of Birmingham Stop the War Coalition), Tariq Ali (writer and broadcaster), George Galloway MP (Member of Parliament) and Bianca Jagger. "This is a powerful film. It presents a case we are not allowed to hear but one which is essential for an understanding of what is happening to us and for helping us to find the answers." TONY BENN

"Not in my name", running time 41 minutes, is produced by award-winning Platform Films (makers of "Who Killed Mark Faulkner?", "The People's Flag", "Proud Arabs and Texas Oilmen" "The Miners' Tapes" and "The Cause of Ireland") in association with TV Choice.