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Proud Arabs and Texan Oilmen (Gulf War Analysis)
(Film/Video, Platform Films, April 1999)
"Presents the Anti-Gulf War message that didn?t get heard at the time...you will be left with an image of a bloody unequal war fought for cynical objectives by a megalomaniac America"

(from 4.00)

First screened in Channel Four's "Critical Eye" series, this video sets out to answer the question why the Gulf War happened.

Drawing on war footage, some of it never shown on British television before, it includes interviews with Tony Benn, Noam Chomsky, Alan Clark, Michael Ignatiev, Rana Kabbani and Olga Maitland.

The UN served as a rallying point for the US led onslaught on the Gulf, but it failed to deal with the aftermath and has been unwilling to resolve any of the other conflicts that still divide a world where the one remaining super power calls the shots.

The promised "new world order" has proved to be a chimera.