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Pie's the Limit, The (Global Pastry Uprising)
(Film/Video, Wispered Media, April 1999)
A chronicle of the global pastry uprising of the Biotic Baking Brigade, starring San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and the CEOs of Chevron and Monsanto. This video features a cornucopia of political pie-throwings in San Francisco and beyond, including a brief history of consumable comedy and behind the scenes interviews with real underground pie tossers... Plus, corporate media analysis and in-your-face politics. Watch in delight as a half dozen demagogues are served up their just deserts! (from 4.00)

Marvel at Milton Friedman's mushing!
Revel in Robert Shapiro's rousting!
Wonder at Willie Brown's whipped topping!
Cackle at Kenneth Derr's caking!
Behold Bill Gates' belittling!
Relish Renato Ruggiero's ruffling!

San Francisco's corporate lackey, Mayor "Slick" Willie Brown...

Robert Shapiro, the President and CEO of Monsanto Corporation, the genetic engineering company that makes Agent Orange, Round-Up, rBGH (a.k.a. BST), Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's), NutraSweet and other lovely toxins...

Nobel Laureate Economist Milton Friedman, architect of Neoliberalism and Pinochet's fascist Chilean economic policies, advisor to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher...

Kenneth "People Do Die" Derr, Chairman and CEO of Chevron Corporation, complicit in the Nigerian military's recent slaughter of indigenous people who were protesting the poverty and degradation they suffer while Chevron profits from their oil...

Supporting Cast:
Renato Ruggiero, Chief of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the world's unelected, undemocratic, and completely unaccountable corporate "government."

Bill Gates. Everyone knows who Bill Gates is. See him pied.