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Peace Not War II
(Music, i-Contact, November 2004)
THE SECOND PEACE NOT WAR double CD: Selected from 500 submissions and aimed at a youth market, the 37 track compilation redefines protest music for the twenty-first century: non-stop funky beats on one disc and fat guitars on the other, with deep and inspiring lyrics throughout. Produced & funded independently by a small, cuddly collective of activists & musicians, the CDs are sold here and by peace groups to raise funds. (from Ł5.00)

THE PAST THREE YEARS HAVE PROVOKED THE MOST PROLIFIC PERIOD OF PROTEST MUSIC IN HISTORY, widely heard thanks to computer and Internet technology - first designed by the American military and now crucial tools used by activists to organise globally. The hundreds of anti-war song submissions for this new compilation demonstrate the power of “bedroom studio” technology. Some of the low-budget recordings blew away the producers and were selected for the compilation ahead of “signed” musicians. Combined with emotive art and music, this website is a portal to the peace movement and includes a global database of peace groups, events and contacts.

You can hear all this CD for free at the Peace Not War Jukebox at http://www.peace-not-war.org/Jukebox/index.html

This generation’s anti-war musicians are not only more prolific than the Vietnam era’s - they are much louder: THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR HAS BEEN REPLACED BY MASSIVE BEATS AND OUTRAGEOUS DISTORTION. The new movement also respects soldiers: these musicians understand that many soldiers enlisted to defend values such as democracy and justice, or because their job options were limited. These soldiers have now landed in a bloody mess beyond their control and they don’t want to be there. Featured musicians Michael Franti and Liquid Blue have visited US soldiers in Iraq and sung for them, to bring an anti-war message that is positive. Others, like Sydney’s The Herd and London’s GM Baby, convey the soldiers’ experience of being in a battlefield: often either deadly or soul destroying.

Volume 1 was highly successful, but Peace Not War Volume 2 is the definitive soundtrack for this generation’s peace movement as well as being a practical resource. Hopefully this music will motivate young people to ACT FOR PEACE.

Running time 2 Hours 50 Minutes