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Suits & Savages: GEF/World Bank & 'Development'
(Film/Video, Conscious Cinema, April 2005)
'India Ecodevelopment' is a tiger conservation project funded by the Global Environment Facility/World Bank. We take a long zoom from one remote tribe in Nagarhole, Southern India, to another, more powerful, in Washington DC, via heated debate between activists and Bank staff, and an emotional video letter from the forest. Includes 2005 update. (from £7.00)

Penetrating the smokescreen of a global bureaucracy...

Why the World Bank Won't Save the World

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) looks promising on paper - with two and a half billion dollars from the world's governments to spend on global green aid, and an inclusive, democratic model of governance. But does this newest of the international financial institutions live up to its own rhetoric, or must it reflect the politics guiding the economists who run it - from inside the World Bank?

SUITS AND SAVAGES looks at a GEF/World bank 'ecodevelopment' project through a long zoom from the ground up - travelling between one remote tribe in Nagarhole, Southern India and another, more powerful, in Washington DC. Spanning the gulf between their environments, the film features an emotional 'video letter' from forest dwellers to the World Bank, and a Bank economistĀ¹s response.

Five years later, one of the directors returned to Nagarhole, South India, to explore the fate of the people and project there. She found the project stopped, police investigating corruption and ongoing environmental damage, and the World Bank still not learning - or sharing - the lessons.

Based on research from the University of Hull, UK, and supported by the UK Economic and Social Research Council's Global Environmental Change Programme. This film includes the five year update segment.