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Truth Lies In Rostock, The (Fascism in Germany)
(Film/Video, Spectacle, September 1994)
August 1992 Lichtenhagen estate, Rostock, former East Germany. Police withdraw as fascists petrol bomb a refugee centre and the home of Vietnamese guest workers while 3000 spectators stood by and clapped. Using material filmed from inside the attacked houses and interviews with anti-fascists, the Vietnamese guest workers, police, bureaucrats, neo-nazis and residents, a story of political collusion and fear unfolds. (from 10.00)

"Astounding in the way it lifts the lid on German authorities collusion in the events... it is both an historical record and a revelation of the cynicism that politicians call pragmatism." Time Out

"A painstaking documentary... raising a number of questions that may never be answered." The Guardian

"Impressive documentary whose implicit message is that right wing extremism is not just a matter of young Skinheads throwing Molotov cocktails but raises deeper questions about the attitude of government and police." The Times

Special Mention Nyon Documentary Festival 1994

Running time 1 Hour 18 Minutes