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Undercurrents News Network 1
(Film/Video, Undercurrents, April 2004)
For 10 years, the award winning media organisation Undercurrents has embedded video journalists among some of the most radical protest groups. Britain's latest - and most innovative - news provider, the Undercurrents News Network (UNN) reveals their dramatic stories. When the Smoke Clearz;The Meatrix; Whose News; Consumption; Occupation; Read My Lips; Hercubush; Woomera Breakout; 100mins. (from 8.00)

The first edition of this unique video (and soon-to-be DVD) news service shows how Hollywood star Martin Sheen supported bomber-bashing Christians. Also included: how student protests increased the wages of low paid workers, bringing one of the wealthiest corporations to its knees. Laughs are guaranteed when George and Tony's special relationship is revealed during a hilarious musical parody.
Undercurrents News Network seeks out and distributes cutting edge documentaries and animations overlooked by TV broadcasters.
In our music section, poet Taalam Acey voices his concerns about how his fellow black artists are being encouraged to promote gun crime and violence.
Our News Spinner reports how an oil corporation was successfully stopped from supporting the brutal Burmese military government. Our investigation team shows dramatic video images of how desperate Iraqi and Afghani refugees escaped from a detention camp in Australia.

UNN co-producer Zoe Broughton said:
"Undercurrents News Network seeks out and distributes cutting edge documentaries and animations, providing an outlet for views rarely expressed in the mainstream media. And while the mainstream all too often follows the news agenda set by Whitehall and the White House, we carry the voice of the marginalised. Whether it is an innovative protest against war or the destruction of a local beauty spot by a greedy developer, camcorders will be there to provide a witness and we are here to distribute the evidence. Undercurrents is an award-winning non-profit organisation which aims to provide media support to environmental and social justice campaigners."

Full contents listing for UNN.

When the Smoke Clearz - Who drives hip-hop? 3 mins

The Meatrix - Welcome to the real world of intensive animal farming. animation 3.5 mins

Whose News - Fed up of news spin? UNN presents the humourous unspun truth behind the anti-war movement, women's empowerment, protest shopping, and bald policemen. 15 mins

Consumption - "keep on buying so much i don't need" - a rapid-paced music explosion. 3 mins

Occupation - Students defeat world?s oldest corporation and win a living wage for low-paid workers. 30 mins

Read My Lips - Bush and Blair ? that special relationship uncovered. 2.5 mins

Hercubush - The lengths one man will go to for a well-oiled torso. 4 mins

Woomera Breakout - Activists shut down Australia's worst asylum seeker detention centre. 7 mins

With contributions from:
Mark Thomas (activist comedian)
Ben Affleck (Academy Award winning actor)
Martin Sheen (award winning actor from Apocalyse Now)
a former MI5 secret agent and Tony Benn ex-MP

"Undercurrents is a video and DVD newsreel, and an antidote to everything that?s wrong with mainstream television news. It treats the rich and powerful as objects of ridicule rather than objects of reverence. Its mission is to hold them to account, to expose the injustices they cause and to encourage people to knock them off their perches. This is where it really excels: inspiring hope in situations which at first sight look hopeless. The latest tape contains a remarkable film about a students? strike at Harvard: the most powerful university on earth. The students locked themselves into the university offices in protest at the pay and conditions Harvard was imposing on its janitors. They stayed there until the university caved in. There?s extraordinary footage of the escape from the Woomera detention camp in Australia, and coverage of the successful campaign against an oil company investing in Burma. There?s also some brilliant animation and a genuinely funny spoof of Bush and Blair?s foreign policy. Fahrenheit 911 and Supersize Me look pretty tame when you?ve seen this stuff. Whenever I?ve seen a copy of Undercurrents, I feel my head?s going to explode with inspiration and new ideas." - George Monbiot

Running time 1 Hour 10 Minutes