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Not In My Name III - Why War? The Invasion of Iraq
(Film/Video, Platform Films, February 2004)
What are the REAL reasons behind the US invasion of Iraq? "WHY WAR" is a provocative film which throws a revealing new light on George Bush's "war on terrorism". The film is narrated by Prunella Scales and includes material from Iraq never previously shown in this country, unique footage of the anti-war protests and exclusive interviews with Noam Chomsky, Bianca Jagger, Greg Pallast, George Monbiot, Lindsey German, Tony Benn, George Galloway, Michaeal Meacher. 50 minutes. (from 2.00)

WHY WAR is a provocative new, independently made, documentary film which spotlights what it claims are the REAL reasons behind the invasion of Iraq.
The film comprehensively analyses and demolishes the reasons given by George Bush and Tony Blair for going to war and argues that the roots of the war actually lie in American foreign policy as it has developed since the 1940s.
Says the film's associate producer Norman Thomas: 'The leaders of the US and UK claim they went into Iraq to fight terrorism, to save the Iraqi people from a ruthless dictator and to save the world from the threat of weapons of mass destruction. Our film demonstrates graphically that NONE of these reasons holds up to scrutiny.'
'In reality these claims were all made simply to disguise the real reasons for the invasion: the demands of US power politics.'
The film is the first in a series of independently made films about the 'war on terrorism' which will be doing the rounds of independent cinemas and public meetings beginning in March.
Says Thomas: 'The UK government was undoubtedly hoping the Hutton inquiry would help them to win the PR battle over the war. But independent film-makers are not prepared to accept this. The film WHY WAR is the first in a series of films which will totally discredit the case of the pro-war politicians like Bush and Blair.'
From the makers of the acclaimed anti-war film series NOT IN MY NAME, and narrated by actress Prunella Scales, WHY WAR includes material from Iraq never previously shown in the UK.
And, in a revealing exclusive interview former UK government minister Michael Meacher MP, Labour's longest serving cabinet minister, raises disturbing questions about the American government's handling of the attack on the Twin Towers on Sept 11 2001.
The control of the world's oil supply, a history of bloody imperialism and even the Bush family's honour emerge as interlocking factors in the present international crisis.
The film also shows powerful evidence of the horrendous price paid by Iraq for the invasion. Eye witnesses describe horrific conditions in Iraq, including widespread insecurity, random killings and unemployment. Women in particular face a new era of oppression and violence.
Tony Benn, Noam Chomsky, Bianca Jagger, George Galloway, Greg Pallast, John Rees, Lindsey German and many others discuss the underlying motivations for George Bush?s attack on Iraq and the reasons Tony Blair supported him.
WHY WAR also examines the role of the UK anti-war movement. It highlights the historic demonstration in London in February 2003 and the coming together of Muslims, trade unionists and school students. The anti-war movement failed to stop the war -- but what did it achieve? Where does the anti-war movement go from here?