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Get your films distributed
We are always on the look out for new films to distribute. We have two basic deals, either you give us videos on sale-or-return or you can give us a master tape and we can do everything.

By selling your work through Culture Shop people in the rest of the world, as well as the United Kingdom and Europe, will be able to get your films. As people can buy with Credit Cards they can effectively pay in any Currency and you will receive payment in the currency of your choice. By bringing together many films people may come to the site to buy one title and end up also buying your film.

If you have something which you feel fits into the remit of Culture Shop please get in touch or alternative send us a copy. As well as distributing your film we may also be able to get it duplicated, help you with the cover and even do the publicity for you.

Please send films to:

10/12 Picton Street
Bristol BS6 5QA

+44 (0)117 942 7813